Aurélia alias @maitresse_aurel on Instagram

school teacher in Moselle – Grand Est – France

What she thinks of us:

“Pit & Pit is a platform rich in playful applications for children. Anxious to be able to provide supports that can be really useful, Fabrice and Sébastien work in close collaboration with many teachers in order to be able to create applications that allow them to work skills related to the Programs.

From CP to CM and even beyond, every teacher, every parent, every child can find at Pit&Pit an application that will make them happy to discover, learn and train with a smile.

So that everyone can benefit from it according to their own equipment, the applications are designed to work on computers, tablets, whiteboards, etc.
Using Pit&Pit apps means being sure to offer the youngest relevant and enriching apps.

Congratulations to them for the work done behind the screen and thank you for their unfailing investment!”