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Présentation de l'application Chronolog'Histo

Pedagogical interest
Recognize the major periods, events and characters in our history

9 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Marine @thibou_maitresse (instagram)

Sapristipopette @sapristipopette (instagram)

The Chronolog’Histo application allows children aged 9 to 11 to revise their knowledge of the great periods, major events and main characters that have marked French history.

Know how to identify the main stages of history

Chronolog’histo proposes to go through 5 major periods of our history by identifying the events and the main characters:

  • Prehistory with 7 events

  • Antiquity with 8 events

  • The Middle Ages with 9 events

  • Modern times with 14 events

  • The contemporary era with 23 events

An application that addresses several educational objectives

Retaining the events of a period in the “I remember” mode and then placing them either with the “I train” mode allows you to understand historical periods.

The user becomes familiar with the use of a timeline and how it works.

For each period the child must place events, dates and historical figures on a timeline.

This practice makes it possible to associate a historical figure with a period or a date.

Associating a date with the corresponding event helps memorize important events in history.

A mini-game allows you to review the events over all the periods offered in the application with the possibility of comparing the number of correct answers made.

A new activity carried out by Pit & Pit to learn while having fun

This application made with Marine, a school teacher, was developed with the aim of approaching the manipulation of chronological friezes in order to retain the major events of our history.

Sapristipopette (Alexandra), lends her pencil strokes to visualize the many events and characters present in the application as well as a new graphic atmosphere.
Pitus also introduces a new teacher to accompany young users on the subject of history.

“Chronolog’Histo” application works on both computer and tablet. This requires children to work on their memory and the manipulation of timeline.

Through its range of educational and interactive applications, the Pit & Pit team is committed to involving children and making them actors in their learning.

Pit & Pit offers a new way of using screens: reasoned, active use adapted to the learning process of each child.

So, ready to learn while having fun?