Présentation application DekiDekoi – EN

Le DekiDekoi

Application Le DekiDekoi

Pedagogical interest
Learn to find the person, the animal or the object the sentences refers to.

From 7 to 11

On an idea of
Adeline alias @un_tour_en_ulis (instagram)

Pitus (

A reading and comprehension application “The DeKiDekoi” which aims to train and support children in their understanding of a sentence.

The child must determine the person, animal, object… the sentence refers to.

The child must therefore answer the question who or what are we talking about?

To ensure the correct understanding of a sentence or a text, it is necessary to ensure that the child correctly interprets the implicit elements found there.

Taking relevant clues to deduce what is not clearly written in the text is what is called “making inferences”.

Thanks to this activity, your child will be able to practice looking for clues and will develop his understanding.