Présentation application Go-conjug ! – EN

Go-Conjug !

Application Go-Conjug !

Pedagogical interest
Revise the conjugation

7 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Emilie alias @maitresselili_lh (instagram)

Pitus (

With the conjugation app “Go-Conjug!” you can choose a character and help him find his friend. To achieve this, it will be necessary to correctly conjugate the verbs in the proposed sentences.

At each part the sentences displayed are different. They are selected from several hundred existing phrases.

The user can select the verb group of his choice:

  • First group
  • Second group
  • Third group
  • All groups

And choose the next times he wants revise :

  • Present tense
  • Future
  • Preterit
  • All the time

It is also possible to display the group of the verb to conjugate during the game.