Présentation application La géographie de la France – EN

Géographie La France

Présentation de l'application de géographie La France

Intérêt pédagogique
Revise the geography of France

From 8 to 11

On an idea of
Anaïs alias @maitresses_en_baskets (instagram)

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The geography application “Géographie La France” will make children discover and revise the territory of France.

They will find the main natural elements there:

  • Rivers
  • Reliefs and massifs
  • Seas and ocean

And the distribution of the territory:

  • The main cities
  • Regions
  • Neighboring countries

Apart from “Géographie La France” another activity proposes to locate the overseas territories on a map of the world.

A Quiz also allows you to consolidate your general knowledge by traveling through the French regions. Multiple questions exist for each region, so the experience will be different each time you use it.

Interesting content to go over the geography of this beautiful country in a different and original graphic atmosphere!