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Le labo des nombres

Pedagogical interest
Teach children about large numbers, fractions and decimals

9 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Pamela (instagram)

Pitus (

The “labo des nombres” application allows children aged 9 to 11 to review their knowledge of large numbers, fractions and decimals.

An application to manipulate numbers

This application offers something to play with large numbers (order them, compare them), usual fractions (associate the fraction and its representation…) and also decimal fractions (find the equivalence of a decimal fraction and its decimal number …)

For those who find themselves in difficulty in certain exercises, Tubi, the little test tube, provides a little help.

Several exercises to tackle large numbers, fractions and decimals

The application contains exercises divided into 3 parts: :

  • The big numbers
      1. Sorting large numbers
      2. Decomposition of a number
      3. Dial a number according to rank indications
  • Fractions
      1. Representation of a fraction in a geometric figure (2 exercises)
      2. Find the decimal value of a fraction
      3. Addition of fractions
  • Decimals
      1. Sorting decimals 
      2. Find the value of a fraction in decimal 
      3. Problems

A new activity carried out by Pit & Pit to learn while having fun

This application developed with Pamela, a school teacher, was created with the aim of approaching the manipulation of large numbers through various exercises.

Sébastien Gazagne (Pitus), lends his pencil stroke with the atmosphere of a laboratory presented by a new, slightly crazy professor accompanied by his sidekick, Tubi, to support young users.

The application “The number lab” works on both computer and tablet. She asks children to become familiar with the manipulation of numbers.

Through its range of educational and interactive applications, the Pit & Pit team is committed to involving children and making them actors in their learning.

Pit & Pit offers a new way of using screens: reasoned, active use adapted to the learning process of each child.

So, ready to learn while having fun?