Présentation application Les mots croisés thématiques – EN

Les mots croisés Thématiques

Présentation de l'application de Mots Croisés Thématiques

Pedagogical interest
Know how to find your way around and identify a subject while reviewing vocabulary and spelling

7 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Adeline alias @un_tour_en_ulis (instagram)

Pitus (

This application of Thematic Crosswords allows you to revise your vocabulary and spelling.

From a definition and a visual clue, the child must complete the proposed grid.

4 themes are presented in this version:

  • The fruits
  • Colors
  • Animals
  • Numbers

A pleasant voice makes it possible to listen to each definition.

It is possible to choose the graphic and sound atmosphere to enjoy this moment of review with your favorite decor.