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Qui sait quoi ?

Présentation de l'application QuiSaitQuoi

Pedagogical interest
Improve your general knowledge 

From 7 to 11

On an idea of
Pit & Pit @pit_et_pit (instagram)

Pitus (

“Who knows what?” is an online game for primary school children that tests and improves their general knowledge.

A playful and intuitive application for children

Geography, animals, science…
Nearly 500 questions gathered across 9 themes are to be discovered in the “Who knows what?” application.

Encouraged throughout his game, the player answers multiple-choice questions.
Accompanied by an avatar, he chooses his level of difficulty. 3 levels of difficulty for children 7 to 11 are available.

The child tests his knowledge of the school program, but also of cross-curricular areas.
Interactivity is at the heart of this application for children in which learning is done while having fun.
A correct answer moves the player one space forward or 2 if he is on a special spot.
A wrong answer stops the player or pushes him back if he is on a special spot.
A timer gives rhythm to the game and allows you to know the time spent for each game.

So, ready to challenge the clock and answer all the questions as quickly as possible?

A general knowledge quiz taking the form of a board game for up to 4 players

Gamification is widely used in this general knowledge application for children. A real lever for learning, gamification allows you to learn with games.

Presented in the form of a traditional board game, the player evolves over the questions.
The “Who knows what?” app allows multiple players to play.
Each player can choose a different difficulty level at the start of the game.
The objective is to be the first to complete the course by answering the questions each in turn.

The time allowed to answer each question depends on the level initially chosen by the player.
30 seconds for level 1, 25 seconds for level 2 and 20 seconds for the most difficult level. Game differentiation allows players of different ages and levels to play together.

So, ready to challenge your friends and family in this online general knowledge quiz?

A Pit & Pit creation to learn while having fun

Entirely imagined by Pit & Pit with original illustrations by Pitus, the general knowledge application for children “Who knows what?” is a great success in schools and families.

The online game “Who knows what?” is available on computer, but also on tablet.

Through its range of educational and interactive apps, the Pit & Pit team is committed to involve children and make them actors in their learning.
Pit & Pit offers a new way of using screens: reasoned, active use adapted to the learning process of each child.

So, ready to learn while having fun?