Présentation application Scribee – EN


Application Scribee

Pedagogical interest
Writing practice

6 to 8 years old

On an idea of
Valérie alias @maikresse_val (instagram)

Pitus (

The fun writing app Scribee!

Scribee is an application for children to practice writing.

To train Scribee offers 2 steps:

The first: Scribee offers to write via the keyboard of the computer or the tablet, a word containing 9 letters maximum. This word is the writing model for the child.
The second: Once this model word has been validated, the child finds it and must trace the word above the model.
Either using a finger or a stylus with a tablet, or a mouse or trackpad with a computer.

Once the child has traced the word, they have the option of hiding the pattern to check that their writing is correct.

If his writing is not correct he has an “eraser” to erase part of the word or a “dustbin” to erase the entire word.

The application offers a French and Swiss Romande writing font.

We have included in this application, a free drawing mode.
This allows the child to express themselves freely with a choice of tools and options.