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Au fil du temps

Présentation de l'application sur la notion du temps Au fil du temps

Pedagogical interest
An application to help children find their bearings in time

5 to 9 years old

On an idea of
Audrey alias @audymaikresse (instagram)

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“Au fil du temps” is an interactive application on the concept of time for children.

The passage of time is a concept that is very difficult for young children to master.

This application offers children the opportunity to approach the seasons, to remember the order of the days and months, to find their bearings in a day, to read the time or even to assimilate the stages of life.

Immerse yourself in a soft and colorful universe to learn while trying and having fun!

After having explored the different modules of the application, a Quiz will allow each child to see what he has retained

The child can perform several activities:

  • On the hour, placing the hands correctly.
  • On the days of the week, reviewing the words and their order.
  • On the months, by finding the order and by associating events.
  • On the stages of life, going through a school child’s day and the major stages in a lifetime.
  • With a quiz that offers a variety of questions around the various concepts discussed.

It is the ideal application for reviewing the notions of time at different scales, from times of day to the major stages of our lives.