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L'atelier de géométrie

Présentation de l'application L'atelier de géométrie

Pedagogical interest
Recognize and manipulate common geometric shapes

5 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Aurore alias @enjoy_classroom (instagram)

Pitus (

“L’atelier de géométrie” permet  allows children aged 5 to 11 to revise their knowledge of common geometric shapes.

A complete geometry app

Flat shapes, volumes, visual recognition, vocabulary review…
A dozen activities are offered to introduce children to geometry “L’atelier de géométrie”.

The young user accompanies the scholar in an atmosphere inspired by the Renaissance to perform a varied range of exercises.
He first chooses his level of difficulty by opening one of the 3 books presented.

The child can start with the recognition of plane shapes and volumes in the first book.
He then has the opportunity to familiarize himself with polygons, identify right angles, and understand symmetry with the second book.
In the third book, the user finds notions of symmetry, revises his vocabulary of geometry and can help the scientist to develop machines by identifying the required shapes.

Everything you need to master the notions of geometry!!

Interactivity to better integrate the main notions of geometry

Learning takes place in a playful environment by offering children interaction in each activity.

Facing the scholar’s desk, the user helps the character by following the instructions given.
Several types of actions will be necessary to answer the questions asked, by placing the shapes in the right place, indicating the right answers and drawing the right shapes.
The objective is to be comfortable with the classic forms of geometry, to know how to differentiate them with good observation before giving your answer.

It is the ideal geometry application to learn and revise your notions, alone or in a group workshop in class, for example.

So, ready to dive into the world of shapes and volumes?

A new activity carried out by Pit & Pit to learn while having fun

This application created with Aurore, a school teacher, was developed with the aim of addressing notions of geometry accessible to the youngest, from 5 years old, as well as for 11-year-old children.

Pitus, the illustrator, has imagined a new original graphic atmosphere by plunging the user into the workshop of a Renaissance scholar, researcher and inventor.

“L’atelier de géométrie” application works on both computer and tablet. It involves children directly in the discovery of geometry and the manipulation of shapes.

Through its range of educational and interactive applications, the Pit & Pit team is committed to involving children and making them actors in their learning.

Pit & Pit offers a new way of using screens: reasoned, active use adapted to the learning process of each child.

So, ready to learn while having fun?