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Le cerveau

Application le cerveau

Pedagogical interest
Discover and recognize the parts of the brain and their function

8 to 11 years old

On an idea of
Aurélia alias @maitresse_aurel (instagram)

Pitus (

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Everything we discover and learn every day comes together in one place: our brain.

From an early age, adults teach children how their bodies work: the names and roles of bones and different organs, how the heart works, etc.

However, the brain, an essential and unavoidable element of our body, remains discreetly sidelined from all these discoveries even though it interests children from an early age.

In order not to let them believe for too long that the brain is just a pretty little gray box in which everyone stores all their discoveries, knowledge, skills, memories, etc., we have put developed a playful and colorful application to allow them to familiarize themselves with it.

Through various small games, children will be able to discover and learn the different parts of the brain and their function.

This support will also allow them to take a new look at this body in order to approach their possible errors and difficulties more positively.